OnePlus 10T gets OxygenOS 14 on the stable track

The OnePlus 10T was officially launched on August 3, 2022, featuring OxygenOS 12 out-of-the-box. Following a two-month Open Beta testing phase, OxygenOS 14 has now transitioned to the stable track, albeit only for the Indian variant (CPH2413) at this point.

The initial build bears the version number F.51, denoted as The comprehensive timeline for OnePlus 10T OxygenOS 14 builds is as follows:

  • October 23: Open Beta 1 for India
  • November 10: Open Beta 2
  • December 5: First stable build for India ( / F.51)
  • December 19: First stable for EU
  • December 28: First stable for GLO/ROW

Notably, the first stable build shares the same version as Open Beta 2. Despite OnePlus’ forum post asserting the stability of this build, it has not yet been rolled out to stable users via system OTA. Instead, OnePlus recommends users apply to the beta program to access the stable build early. This creates confusion as it blurs the distinction between beta and stable releases.

It is advisable for users to exercise patience when considering major Android updates for their devices. The initial build, even if labeled as stable, often comes with various bugs and is typically met with some level of disappointment. For instance, the 9-series received the first stable OOS12 build on December 6, 2021, which was subsequently withdrawn shortly after r